• Linsey

Calm in the City

Living in central London during this pandemic has certainly been a unique experience. I've been finding some calm and headspace amongst all the craziness, by exploring the empty city.

As there's not many safe ways to get around London at the moment and seeing as I've had plenty of time on my hands I've been wandering around by foot (disclaimer: as my daily exercise allowance).

Despite the awful situation we're in, I can't help but feel it's a once in a life time opportunity to see my city without its crowds, heavy traffic and just to be able to take a moment to admire the place I call home, enjoying its history, landmarks and architecture.

At first it felt like a scene from an apocalyptic movie, but after a while I found it calming and a great way to clear my mind. I think I've found some inspiration for my work and an appreciation for the beauty of London.


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