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Exciting collabs!

Working mostly from home over the last year has meant I've been doing a lot of sitting on my own at my desk. I've really missed shoots and working with other creatives. Now things are a little safer, I decided to take on a few extra projects to get back on set, collaborate with some other creatives and grow my network.

The first collaboration I am working on is a short film. It's the first time I've really done a film project to this extent, so I'm really excited to be the art director. It's a great story about love and inner reflection, some scenes are quite abstract giving room for lots of creativity. We're also hoping to enter it into some film competitions / festivals once it's finished.

The second shoot is a retro fashion story. We're planning on turning a studio space into a 70's boho inspired apartment. I think its something we can have lots of fun with as we have a great team with tons of ideas. I expect some gorgeous high end fashion imagery to out of it too and can't wait until shoot day!

Both projects are being shot over the next few weekends so final work will be coming by the end of April - watch this space! In the meantime here's a peak of locations...


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