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Update: What I've been up to...

Just a quick a little update on the creative things I've been working on over the lockdown period (in addition to working from home full time_.

My illustrations and screen print designs have been really coming along, I've done so many! I was tempted to post some of them on here, but I want to wait until they are properly printed. In fact,I have a new course date in a few months time, so I'm excited and can't wait to get cracking and share my work.

I have brushed up my digital skills with a few tutorials but not as many as I like, it's pretty intense working from home, so I find sitting back down to do a few more hours screen work is pretty tough. Perhaps that's something I'll continue to work on over the next few months, it's definitely something I want to keep developing over time.

I've also done an online course called "Fashion as Design" which is run by the MoMA in NYC which has been great. It focused on subjects such as iconic items, silhouettes, making of clothes, materials, modesty, and self expression. I love learning about different areas of design and I've found it a really interesting overview into fashion design.

Actually on that note, at the beginning of lockdown fashion designer Christopher Kane had a great idea to recycle offcuts of fabric by turning them into face covering craft kits. Of course, I snapped one up and here's a pic of mine. Made from a scrap of material and a sewing pattern, I hand stitched it and I'm pretty proud - loved the sky print too, really did match the April sky!

Anyway that's all from me, hope everyone is safe, well and keeping busy at this strange time!

P.S. As promised in my last post, when I've not been designing, I've murdered a few Strokes songs with my guitar and brushed up that French!


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